When we were first asked to to provide a cabinet big enough to hold 12 x Sky HD boxes and the distribution around the house we pictured Buckingham Palace. Once we discovered that Mr Turrill wanted us to install 12 TV’s we came up with a much more sensible solution.

Mr Turrill was correct in the assumption that a Sky HD box can only view one channel at once so was keen to ensure if his wife was watching sky in another room they had access to separate Sky viewing, he quite simply assumed 12 TV’s will require 12 Sky HD boxes.

After speaking with the couple about their lifestyle it soon became clear that there wouldn’t actually be too many occasions where they would watch TV separately and if so, it was likely to be in the formal sitting room, dining room, master bedroom or informal sitting room. every now and then their son or daughter would be back to visit for the weekend but not always at the same time.

We came up with a solution which only required three Sky boxes plus full access to freeview in every room. We installed an Antiference 4K NEO 4 x 4 matrix to send any one of the three Sky boxes and also a Samsung BluRay player to the most important rooms of the property, we then split the output from the 2TB Sky HD box and modulated it using an Antiference MiniMod allowing the remaining eight TV’s to tune in the main SKY box as a freeview channel.

Control was easy as the four main rooms can handle IR as a part of the HDBaseT system which the NEO matrix offers, we reverted to tradition with the last eight TV’s on freeview using simple 9V magic eyes and use of the I/O link on the Sky box.

To finish the project Mr Turrill asked us to return to improve his wireless coverage in the master bedroom. fortunately we had the foresight upfront to pull in some extra Cat6 cables to the loft from the central rack location. We used a D-Link POE injector along with the very trusted duel band Zyxel WAP, upstairs coverage is now available throughout and at high speed.

We thank Mr Turrill for inviting us to work on the project and in particularly enjoyed installing the bathroom television TV.

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