Home Cinema

Why wait in line for overpriced popcorn?

Why put up with a screaming child three rows back?

It’s not nice having your chair constantly bumped throughout the movie!

Have you got enough leg room?

Comfort break? You might miss a really important bit!

If you are reading this, chances are you are considering a better experience at home, an experience which is tailored to you both in design and operation.

From initial consultation, we can assist in both room layout and equipment specification including LED lighting and effects. We can help guide you through any technology fears and build a system with easy to operate control with automation from Control 4.

It is important for us to show you the difference in speaker configurations at our showroom in Harrogate including leading technologies such as Dolby Atmos to help the early stages of decision making.

There are many things to consider, Cineca is our choice in bespoke home cinema seating and we have a luxurious range of audio visual cabinets available by BDI.

To ensure you are getting the most out of your ‘soon to be’ Cinema room, please book a consultation at our showroom in Harrogate.

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