12x SKY Box Distribution, Fulwith Mill Lane, Harrogate


From start to finish this was a quick turn around for us. Daniel had 12 Sky subscriptions and wanted it distributed to multiple TV around the property .

Our plan was to hard wire all sky boxes on 4 different VLans. Therefore the sky mini boxes wouldn’t get confused about the Silver box they were assigned to.


The control rack for this project was the center where we housed the 12 sky boxes. From there we can route to the VLan Switch and configure it to control 4 different sky Silver boxes and their mini boxes. From there we can distribute to 12 different TV points in the property and have control over each one separately.

Our next job was to mount the 12 different TV’s in their desired locations and connect up to sky. For this we used HD Anywhere 4K Extenders that send Video down Cat6 and convert it to HDMI.  4K Contend is only supported on the sky Silver boxes so Daniel was only about to receive 4K on 4 of his TVs.

Our other idea for would have been to use Just Add Power and Control4 to cut down on subscription fees. Daniel liked having the flexibility of 12 boxes.

Equipment used…

  • 4x Sky Sliver Boxes

  • 4x Sky Mini Boxes

  • Draytek Vigor Router

  • 12x 4K HD Anywhere xtnd4k40