Boston Spa Village Hall host a very popular Jazz Club which has grown over the years to a point where floor space is a premium. They already owned speakers and a mixing desk, monitors and all the usual band microphones but always set up and take down the system when needed. A more permanent solution was required, We were invited along to provide the solution…..

Speaker placement was fairly obvious as Ken from the Jazz club has had the time to play around with the arrangement of the room many times before, the key was all in the cabling, we chose to install a Proel pre-wired multicore for send and return from stage, Ken now has the option of using active or passive stage monitors and has commented how much easier his set up time has become. He is now saving up for a new digital mixing desk which we will be more than happy to supply.

To discuss any similar requirements to the Boston Spa Village Hall Jazz Club Audio install call us on 01423 816868 or visit our projects page.