The ‘Pearce’ family got in touch with us after finally deciding to turn the garden room into a gymnasium.
With the garden room being nearly 80 metres away from the house the family were unable to connect to the home WiFi, they were also interested in installing a TV.

With some investigation we eventually located and traced a number of cables which had been installed some years ago when the garden room was first built, Cat 5 and Coax were amongst the bundle, finding them in the main house was the trick. we also noted that a number of plug and play WiFi devices were being used around the house too, all with different passcodes meaning a phone would disconnect then reconnect etc.

Our solution was to remove all plug n play WiFi devices, install a network switch along with Zyxcel wireless access points. We addressed all of the access points to match and now as the family walk around the house their devices simply look for the strongest signal and flick between acces point seamlessly. The family can also enjoy a strong WiFi connection whilst training in the Gym thanks to the local access point which we installed.

If you are having similar difficulties with WiFi please get in touch on 01423816868 or visit our contact page.