Unifi-ing your home


We were contacted by Mr Bracey as he had recently bought a new property – We had worked with the previous owners, and so he had been given our contact details. He had set up his Wi-Fi, but found that the signal wasn’t strong enough to provide internet coverage throughout the entire household. He also mentioned that he wanted to reposition his TV set-up, and so there were various Satellite cables that needed relocating (i.e. Sky cable and Network).


Having previously visited the property, we knew that there were Network points positioned throughout the house, and so three Ubiquiti Access Points (UAP) would be the perfect amount for coverage for this three story house. One UAP for the top floor bedrooms, one UAP for the middle floor master bedroom, and the last UAP in the kitchen.

We were able to install a Unifi 16 port PoE Network Switch, giving us network throughout the house and powering the UAP’s as well. All network cables came back to the same point in the cellar.

For the satellite cable that had to be relocated, we were able to get under the ground floor through a spider infested cupboard (nice!), dropping the cables down and moving them to the new position.

As you’ll understand, each home set-up is different and therefore our service is tailored to your specific home or needs (in order to provide the most effective solution).

If you need help improving your WiFi coverage around your home, get in touch here or call us on 01423 816868

Equipment used…

  • Ubiquiti Unifi 16-Port PoE Switch

  • 3 x Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC Lite