Burnt Yates, Harrogate


When it comes to long distance wifi and your in a situation where running a cable is not an option our chosen brand is Ubiquiti. Along with a wide range of products they have an outdoor access point capable of throwing your wifi up to 100 meters.

The product was perfect for this job as we had three different buildings to reach at a distance of around 80 meters. The three areas were the main house with patio and garden, the garage/gym and then 50 meters further away was the stable.

This was a really good example for us to test the strength of the Ubiquiti products.


Our process was to come outside from the router with exterior CAT6 cable. We then ran it round the house in the gutter to the gable end where we thought the AP would be best. it was a very simple install with such a great end result which is another reason we love the product so much.

After installation and programming the furthest point we had to reach was running at 36mbps which is solid to say the least. This has the customers Sonos working seamlessly in his gym he was able to stream in his garden and was able to do general surfing in his stable which was 50/60 meters away from the house.

Equipment used…

  • Unifi outdoor AC mesh access point

  • POE Injector

  • CAT 6 (20 Meters Exterior)