TV Installations in and around Harrogate

Did you know?

Here at Sensory we pride ourselves on home technology solutions be it big or small, I often find it easy to talk in detail about some of the bigger projects we undertake which often include installing many TV’s on the same project but did you know we are happy to visit your home to install just one TV.

Our approach…

We dont mind where you have purchased your TV, we also dont mind if you already have the bracket!

Our service starts with a phone call where we can usually assess if you need a site visit first or if it sound straight forward enough for us to turn up and crack on.

We usually ask the following questions;

What size is the TV?

Do you have power and Aerial connections in the right place?

Will you require the cables to be hidden in the wall? (of course we prefer to not see a single cable)

Will you require Sky connecting up or perhaps a games console/Bluray?

We can usually guage the length of time it will take for us to carry out such work and so either book in a site visit for a more accurate quotation or just head to the customers house at a suitable time to install. We carry stock on the van, if at the last minute we need an extra cable or bracket we can usually accomodate and we pride ourselves on a clean and tidy operation.

Please see below some of our favorite TV installations this year so far.