What is Soundframe?

Here at Sensory we are all BIG fans of the entire Monitor Audio range and always find a product from their extensive catalogue to suit any project. Having said that we did think there was a hole in the range that needed filling. Not every building will allow the use of in wall or in ceiling speakers, the client may not want to see bookcase or floorstanding speakers. In this circumstance we would usually look towards other brands like Artcoustic, an on wall solution or perhaps Gallo acoustics for a stylistic discreet wall mount.

We were recently involved in a project where the clients favorite style of music is Techno, he likes it loud!

Having specified Monitor Audio in other zones in the property we were keen to find a product from the range which would suit our clients tricky kitchen. The ceiling was an impossibility and we did demonstrate Gallo A’diva, although the client liked the Gallo speakers appearance he felt at high volume they lacked that little bit of magic he was looking for.

We next suggested ‘Soundframe’ by Monitor Audio. With two options available being ‘in wall’ or ‘on wall’ it was obvious that the ‘on wall’ version was to be our chosen speaker. After a demonstration at our warehouse and a nod/big thumbs up from the client we were all set for our first ‘soundframe installation.

Three sizes of ‘soundframe’ are available making different configurations of system design a reality. We can easily see ourselves using these speakers in not only stereo setups but also 5.1 and 7.1 etc.

So how did it go?

I should start by saying that we decided to use HEOS amplification as we have installed four other zones of audio in the property including a 5.1 system and we wanted multiroom functionality for the Techno parties. We like HEOS as a very nice alternative to Sonos.

It’s really hard to describe just how well these speakers performed, there was pleanty of detail to all genres of music including Techno. Without a subwoofer we were impressed how low the frequency responce was. The client wanted a really impressive punch to suit his musical preference so we also installed a Monitor Audio Radius 390 subwoofer, this allowed us to apply a little EQ to the ‘soundframe’ speakers to really get the best mid range response.

All in all, I personally want a pair of these for my own house where I had originally planned to use CS180 ceiling speakers, if I could rate them out of 10 it would be getting very close to that top mark. its also worth noting that Monitor Audio have a service to print designs or photos on the speaker grille fabric to make the speaker look like wall art.

If you are considering a sound installation in one or more rooms at your property please get in touch, we would simply love to demonstrate this option here at our North Yorkshire showroom in Harrogate.