Smart Home Installation in Thorner.


This property was run down and in desperate need of a remodel. The plans were to gut the property and change the layout dramatically along with an extension to the building to house a games room, garage and Gym. This was the perfect opportunity for our customer Ross to consider Audio Visual options.

Ross Was keen to have audio installed in nearly every room along with easy to operate control of TV’s, in some rooms he also wanted scene setting of lighting associated with scenarios such as watching a movie.


We invited Ross along to visit our showroom where we were able to guide both him and project manager Guy. In the demonstration we showed off the power of a video matrix alongside Control4 automation. Ross was blown away how easy it can be to quickly choose what to watch or listen to anywhere in the house.

With so many options available from an equipment point of view we were able to help with the decision making knowing already that both Ross and Guy were impressed with the heart of the system being Control4. Ross was already aware of Rako lighting and liked the keypads so this was to be used in the Lounge, Kitchen and Master bedroom where the highest level of control was desired.

A total of 8 TV’s were to be installed so HDAnywhere 8×6+2 Video Matrix was an easy go to as we have come to really trust the brand.

We also recommended fortifying the wireless network in the property as a single router would have zero chance of covering such a large area, a consideration was also made to the size of the garden, a combination of Unifi products would save the day.

Voice integration has also been installed in the form of Alexa, programed to turn on certain key devices with a simple voice command. We also integrated Nest thermostats and Smoke detection. A useful article listing the many features Alexa can add to a smart home can be found here.

We have listed some of the more important equipment used on this project but didnt feel the need to include all of the rack build components and bracketry.

If you have a similar project or you are considering a renovation or build which you would like to discuss please do not hesitate to make contact or book an appointment to visit us for a chat.

Equipment used…

  • 3 x Control4 EA1 controller

  • 3 x Control4 T3 7″ Tabletop touchscreen

  • 2 x Rako Rak8 MB

    With WMT400 Dimming modules

  • Rako RA Bridge

    Rako RX link

  • HDAnywhere 4K MHUB 8×6+2

  • Samsung TV’s various models/sizes

  • 3 x Monitor Audio Core 280IDC (LCR)

    2 x Monitor Audio CS180 (Rear)

    1 x Monitor Audio Radius 390 Subwoofer

  • Marantz 5013

  • 4 x Gallo Acoustics A’diva SS

    1 x Gallo Subwoofer

  • 3 x Sonos Beam

    4 x Sonos One

    1 x Sonos AMP

  • 4 x Ubiquiti AP indoor

    1 x Ubiquiti AP outdoor

  • 4 x SkyQ boxes