Sky HD interference issue solution


Over the years, We’ve been to a number jobs whether its at a residential or commercial property and come across a visual and/or audio interference issue which can be down to a number of things.


We would start by changing the RF output channel in your Sky box settings. By default, it’s set to channel 68, which is susceptible to interference from 4G mobiles.

To change this, Press Services,4,0,1,Select on your remote to access the Installer Menu, where you’ll find the RF Output settings.

Change to a channel below 60 (for example, 21), and test it on one of the remotely connected TVs – you’ll need to use the TV’s setup menu to scan analogue channels to pick up the changed channel. If it still suffers interference, try a different RF Output Channel. Once you’ve found one that’s okay, re-tune the other TVs. We’ve always found this to solve the problem.

If this hasn’t been able to fix the problem then please feel free to contact us via the phone 01423 816 868 or email