Fulwith Mill Lane, Harrogate


We were keen to put our stamp on this prestigious road just a short distance from the town centre. Our first point of call was to get an understanding of the space room by room and run through the products we think will work best for the customer. What was clear after a site visit was that HD distribution with the ability to watch multiple sources in any room was a must. With that a strong network with seamless coverage throughout the house would enable us to create a multiroom audio setup throughout using SONOS and third-party speakers to integrate within the SONOS app.


Mr Morris was keen to have a simple to use system which was as discreet as possible, the three key elements were to have SkyQ available in every room, music everywhere and a fast reliable WiFi network covering the entire house.

We specified a central control rack cabinet which would house the Sonos Connect:amp’s, Sky boxes / video distribution and network switch.

Our decision to use Sonos was mainly based on the flexibility to mix ceiling speakers in some zones with the use of Playbar’s for ease of TV functions in other areas with the bonus that all zones can be linked very easily in App for house parties.

We gave Mr Morris the flexibility to distribute up to eight different video sources on all eight of his TV’s. Currently he has two SkyQ boxes and an Apple TV which he uses often to cast slide shows to, our choice was HDAnywhere to distribute the video which is 4K compatible.

A house of this size would have always needed WiFi reinforcement, Mr Morris was certain that we would have to install extra wireless access points although he was shocked that we were able to cover such a space with just 4 additional points.

‘I simply cannot wait to try out the outdoor speakers when the weather gets better!’ A Morris

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Equipment used…

  • 4x ubiquity unifi wireless access points

  • Linksys 24 port network switch

  • HD Anywhere 8×8 Video Matrix

  • 3x Sonos Playbar

  • 2x Sonos Sub

  • 8x Connect Amps

  • 16x Monitor Audio CS180

  • Monitor Audio Climate 50s (Pair)