After completing the new function room speaker system at the Gamekeepers Inn, the owners invited us to provide a TV installation along with a disreet audio system for 7 new guest bedrooms, such a project has challenges which we were only too happy to provide the solution for.

The TV system was really quite easy for us to specify as we know and trust the Samsung hospitality TV’s. Anti tamnper is easy to set up and allows us to block certain freeview channels and lock out all functionality to the guest.

Our brief for the guest bedroom speaker systems was to provide speakers which the guest could play their own music on, the system needed to be installed to avoid the possibilities of theft. There was emphasis on providing a quality feel for the guest.

First and foremost we wanted to provide an affordable quality of sound which is why we specified the trimless ‘Monitor Audio’ ceiling speakers. Playback was the interesting aspect, Sonos was never an option, nor a standard stereo amplifier as these can be stolen quite easily. To help specify the system our main consideration were the Guests, most guests would want to play music from their phone or tablet, most phones have bluetooth or a headphone output…

Keene electronics In wall bluetooth amplifiers ticked every requirement even giving the addition of FM radio. Guests can now enjoy their own music connected very easily with bluetooth or headphone lead. The bluetooth amplifiers drive the Monitor Audio speakers nicely providing a nice full range sound throughout the guest bedrooms.

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