Improving the WiFi in Your Home

Did you know?

That a lot of the methods people use to improve their own WiFi at home aren’t actually that effective. Many stores offer “WiFi boosters” and other gadgets that aren’t necessarily the best choice for your environment, particularly if your home is spacious. Here at Sensory Integrated, we’re able to assess your internet set-up, troubleshoot and then improve the distribution of WiFi throughout your home, using trusted techniques.

Our approach…

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, a large proportion of people are now working from home, and it has become apparent that not everybody has a great WiFi set up.
Have you encountered poor signal strength/connectivity problems within your home? Is your internet struggling to support multiple devices now that the kids are also at home with you?

At Sensory Integrated, we can provide a streamlined service in order to fix these issues for you.

Our Service

First, we will assess your property and try to locate any “dead spots” or areas in which your WiFi signal is particularly bad.
We will then install single or multiple hidden Network cables (these could be under the floor, inside the loft, alongside the exterior of your house) from your WiFi hub, to these “dead spots” which will be connected to an Access Point (A.P).
This Access Point will provide the same connection in these “dead spots” as the WiFi hub itself does, boosting signal around your home.

If, for any reason, A.P’s are unable to be connected using a wire (if we were trying to connect A.P’s in two different buildings, for example) we can then “mesh” A.P’s, by programming them to connect wirelessly.

What We Have Noticed

Some of the clients we have worked with, tend to have opted for a Power Line Adapter in order to try and fix their connectivity issues. It is very rare that we would choose this method, as we have experienced issues with connectivity and so have our customers, post-installation.

Our chosen product is the Ubiquiti Access Point, as it has been designed to be easily deployed and managed, long-term.

If you have had issues with your WiFi/WiFi distribution and would like to discuss with a member of our team, contact us on 01423 816868