Home Network and Sky Distribution, Harrogate


The main aim of this job was to tie up all the loose ends in the network cupboard and distribute sky from the same location to two TV points. There was also a TV to mount on the main living room along with a soundbar.


We chose to mount the rack high up so we could save as much space for storage as possible. We then re routed the Cat6 and patched the spare 18 cables into the panel. The rack would house the main sky box, BT Router and our HD extenders that will send video via Cat6 to two TV points. Once tested all that was left to do was wall mount the main living room TV and soundbar. Although this was a fairly average job for us we were happy as we had made a substantial difference the AV cupboard.

Equipment used…

  • 2x HD Anywhere 2k Extenders

  • 1oU Wall Mount Rack Cabinet

  • 24 Port Patch Panel

  • 1U Brush Plate

  • 1U Rack Mount Power Supply

  • TV Bracket