“Gallo Acoustics produce the world’s finest compact speaker systems, blending real hi-fi performance with installation and decor friendly design, delivering exceptional, expansive sound to spaces large and small”

Here at Sensory we love the direction Gallo have taken. They know their product and have really fine tuned their range without being tempted to compete with latest trends. Their equal dedication to quality and design has really produced a fantastic outcome. We find it really appeals to our customers where decor and design means a great deal when creating their ideal space.

The familiar spherical design is what most people think of when they hear Anthony Gallo. The combination of spherical geometry and anodised aluminium creates and enclosure virtually free of resonance and diffraction.

Employed in all of their products is their S2 technology which extends low frequency response a full two octaves lower which would otherwise be impossible in a speaker this size.

Gallo’s dedication to produce such high quality compact loud speakers really shows with the technology and ingenuity thats gone into each and every product.


For more information on Gallo or if you have a project in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a showroom demo or a chat about anything smart home related.