Cardale Park, Harrogate


The aim and end result of the project would be to have a main breakout area that can be used as a relaxed conference environment. To achieve this we would use a web based application called zoom that will connect them with their other office in San Francisco. On top of that the area would be used for internal presentations and Q&A. A projector and screen solution in this area will create more engaging and interactive experience for everyone.

Two meeting rooms would also have the same function as the break out area but on a more intimate level. These would be unique as the rooms could be partitioned to split the single rooms into two separate areas to enable meetings of a different subject if needed.


Zoom is an intelligent web based conferencing platform that enables the user to set up conference calls internally or reach elsewhere on a global scale . The two conference rooms would be fitted with a 75″ TV at each end to compensate for when the partitions are triggered, Logitech cameras would supply a crystal clear video feed and microphone feed to the meeting room tables. A sound bar would also be used for better audio quality.

Each room would be able to conduct internal preasentations wirelessly. The user will choose a room, either one of the conference rooms or the breakout area. The breakout area was fitted with two ceiling mounted projectors and motorised screens. The end result was an impressive presentation and Q&A area with the option to use microphones through a PA system. The breakout area along with the meeting rooms would also use zoom to be able to conduct meetings with the office in San Francisco.

Control4 would be the solution to integrate all the equipment together for effective user friendly control. Wall mounted iPads and C4 Keypads would keep all control equipment in the same place, this would make it easier to limit what the user could do to avoid confusion or disruption between devices.

Equipment used…

  • 2x Vivitek Projector (5000 Lumen)

  • 2x Elite 84″ Electric Projector Screen

  • HD Anywhere MHUB 4×3+1 (with XTND’s)

  • Control4 EA-1

  • Control4 IO Extender

  • x6 Control4 Configurable Keypad

  • iPort Surface Mount for iPad

  • EuroRack Pro 12 Channel Audio Mixer

  • Crown Xli800 Power Amplifier

  • Triad 8×8 Audio Matrix

  • Apart Mask8 Speakers

  • 8 Port Network Switch